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Do we need to restart JVM if we do a change in app-agent-config.xml?


I have my JVM up and running with appd agent configured. Do I need to restart my JVM if I do a change in app-agent-config.xml like fork-config?


AppDynamics Team

Thanks. I have downloaded java agent from my SaaS controller UI. After I've extracted it, I see two conf folder inside it, see below screenshots. One conf folder is at the root and it contains controller-info.xml and another conf folder is inside another folder called "ver4.3.7.1" and it contains other configuration files including controller-info.xml. I'm confused whether I need to edit the app-agent-config.xml and move it to the root conf folder? Can you please let me know the purpose of two conf folders?



Good question -- I can see how that would be confusing. Let me see if I can drum up an answer for you.

Hi there,


Please read this page in the docs, it should answer your question about the differences:





Thanks, Cody. This helps.


Inside "ver4.3.7.1/conf" folder, I can also see folders with my node names (by the way, I use the same agent to monitor all my tiers/nodes running on the same machine). Is this for node specific configuration?




You're welcome. A bit out of my expertise, but if I was to hazard a guess this is for agent configuration only.


In the docs:


Specifically this paragraph:


Even though it is possible to configure node properties in the app-agent-config.xml file in the agent home directory, AppDynamics recommends that you use the Controller UI to configure node properties. The Controller UI displays only those node properties that are registered to the agent.


The App Agent Node Properties reference includes additional properties that do not appear in the UI by default. You can register these properties yourself, but unregistered properties are intended for specific application or troubleshooting scenarios and can impact the performance of your deployment. You should register properties or configure properties directly in app-agent-config.xml only under the guidance of AppDynamics Support or as specifically instructed by the documentation.



Sorry @rajkumarr -  I realized I wasn't clear.


Yes, those node folders are probably used for node configuration, but in the paragraph I just provided, it recommends that you use the Controller UI for node properties. Hope this helps.

Thanks, Cody.


I'm running multiple JVMs (belonging to different tiers) in the same machine and using a single agent installation folder. I want to configure different entry/exit points and correlation per tier. Since I have only one agent installation folder (therefore only one custom-activity-correlation.xml), how do I configure different exit/entry points and correlation per tier?




Hi Raj,


Apologies for the delay in my reply. It sounds like you might need some assistance setting up your AppDynamics environment, and unfortunately I'm not the right person here to help with your deployment. I recommend reaching out to your sales or post-sales PS team for assistance with your setup.