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AppDynamics for Docker Swarm


I am trying to test AppDyanmics against ELK and seeking some help in getting correct details - Please can someone help.


We are running docker-compose which creates 10 containers on 4 workers which are managed by 2 managers. All these containers are having one jvm running in it.


  • How can I use Appdynamics for Docker Swarm (there is a broken link in documentations and only available links are for K8S & OpenShift - I know docker is moving away from Swarm but need to existing env ?
  • How can I define my docker containers to use Node name (where the containers gets created by docker-compose) as container’ hostname - so that we can utilise only one machine agent and monitor all the containers running on that machine/node?
  • Can we just use machine agent to get containers details (running on that machine) which should tell containers statistics and logs details Or do we need to install app agents in the containers- If yes then please could you suggest how to proceed 

Thanks in advance



I have found out that we need to install app-agents inside the containers.

It can not work only with machine-agent installation/configuration, you need to use app-agents as well.


I have referred below articles which has helped me to run appdynamics for my docker swarm:


Have used below parameters :

  • -Dappdynamics.docker.enabled=true
  • -Dappdynamics.docker.container.collection.cgroup.enabled=true
  • -Dsim.docker.monitorAPMContainersOnly=false
  • -Dappdynamics.agent.reuse.nodeName.prefix=<nodename>