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Particular process running in the server




We had an issue some days back and the application (.NET app, hosted on windows server) went down as CPU usage went 100% and we are not sure, which exactly the process it was to consume 100% CPU utilization.

From the AppD controller, we were able to see the CPU spikes within that time frame but is there a way to identify which specific process would have taken 100% of the CPU utilization in the server during that time?

Any leads or documentation would be appreciated.



Vivek Saurabh



If you have server visibility enabled on that Windows server it should show you what you're looking for. What you can do is set a custom date range right around that time, and then click on that server from the servers list and then look under the process tab for a list of processes, CPU (%) and Memory should be listed near the end (if not then click on view options and check CPU (%) and Memory, to have them show up and you can filter by those). Remember it averages out based off the time frame you're looking at so make your custom time frame as small as possible.


If the entire thing crashes, you may also be able to find it in the machine agent's logs on that server. In the future you can also setup some alerts looking at specific processes to get alerted if they start to spike too.

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