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How to assign permission for websphere-mq-extension user


Hi community

Does anyone know more detail about websphere-mq-extension permission? As the guide of websphere-mq-extesion description says below.

The user connecting to the queueManager should have the inquire, get, put (since PCF responses cause dynamic queues to be created) permissions. For metrics that execute MQCMD_RESET_Q_STATS command, chg permission is needed.

But we don't want to assign those commands right to the user for the whole queue in queue manager and also need to know what dynamics queue name that wepsphere-mq-extension will be generated.

So, my question is:
1. How to setting minimum permission for the client mode user and restrict the user only for some queue that websphere-mq-extension needed.
2. What the dynamics queue name?
3. Can we assign the user permission for the dynamics queue only?

Thanks & Best Regards,