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AppDynamics documentation feedback mechanism

I am new to AppDynamics (~2 months), just starting to learn the technology.  During this time, I find some documentation can be improved e.g. a link to another page could have been put instead of pure text, ambiguous statements.Wanting to help improv...

Resolved! Limitations of AppDynamics in SAAS version

I've tried to explore every links and docs in the AppDynamics website, but i still can't find any related information1. Is there any user limit on AppDynamic? Or we have freedom to create as many user as we want, per controller? And what's the contro...

Resolved! file-monitoring-extension

Looking to use the file-monitoring-extension found on Github. the extension working on Windows using the Standalone Machine Agent.Metrics are registered with the Controller a...

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OTEL monitoring for Dynamics 365 F&O

Hello,I am new to OTEL and have been reading up on it.  We are moving to D365 F&O and have been requeted to research what options we have for monitoring it.  Has anyone used OTEL to monitor Dynamics 365 and if so, could you give me some details on ho...

Custom Event details in email alert

Hi All,I have created a custom event which gives me data about the top running sqls. However, when I create an alert on it, it only gives me header information and not the event details.Can you please help me understand how to get event details in em...

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