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How do we integrate AppDynamics with google's space/chat/hangouts for alerts?


We are in a situation in which the client doesn't use Microsoft teams. Hence we need a way to integrate AppDynamics with google. 


I tried through google space, created a webhook, copied the URL generated, and pasted it in under RAW URL under HTTP request template on the AppDynamics controller. Configurations are mentioned below:

Request URL -  
           Method - POST
         URL encoding - UTF-8
Payload - 
          MIME type - application/json
          Payload encoding - UTF-8
          Payload - {
'text' : '$latestEvent.severity'
Using the above configurations, when I am trying to run the test action, I am not getting any message on my Google space.
Where am I going wrong? Please assist me
Thankyou in advance.




We also need to know if this is possible..


Hi Mohammed and Joel,

Sorry the late follow up here, but I verified this integration myself in cooperation with support. The problem is that Google have encoded the URL and when you add it as raw URL and have that encoded again in our controller you will have a mismatch causing authorization failure on the Google end. 

Specifically in this case we have "=" encoded as "%3d" in the Google request token and as you paste this as Raw URL in a HTTP Request Template it will be encoded as "%253d" (as the encoded version of the percent sign is %25). You could say that you get "double encoding".

If you replace the encoding (%3d) at the end of the URL with "=" you will have a working integration. 

Hope this helps.

Hi @Christoffer.Laxvik ,

This worked!  

Thanks a lot for your help.

Could you also please help me with the payload part?

Currently I am using the below payload which simply prints the severity on my google space.

'text': '$latestEvent.severity'


I was wondering if we could have some payload similar to what we have for teams integration which sends the detailed events on teams

Thanking you in advance

Once again thank you for helping me out in RAW URL part

No worries, glad it worked!

For payload you could try;

"text": "${latestEvent.displayName} - ${latestEvent.eventTime} :
${latestEvent.eventMessage} ",

More details on predefined templating variables here: