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EUM cant start


Our EUM Server cant start and some error messages in the eum-processor.log.


Error Starting EUM Processor Server
 | java.lang.RuntimeException: failed to update Analytics events. Please see log for details of errors!
 |  at com.appdynamics.eum.processor.EUMProcessorServerApplication.syncEumAccountsToAnalyticsAccounts(
 |  at
 |  at
 |  at
 |  at io.dro
 |  at
 |  at
 |  at com.appdynamics.eumcloud.EUMProcessorServer.main(


I search the knowledge base and find this KB describe similar case:


As describe in this kb I find similar messages in eum-processor.log:

28 Feb 2019 03:40:37.514 +0000  main                  AD.AnalyticsAccountManage  ERROR   CreateAccount : account="XXXXXX.Ltd.-a0Q3400000EqsKyEAJ", Error Code [401], Exception [RestException(statusCode=401, code=NotAuthorized.Account, errorMessage=HTTP 401 Unauthorized, developerMessage=null, logCorrelationId=null)] Dev Message [null]


In kb, the Error Code is 500 and our Error Code is 401.


I use the command provide in kb to check event service status:

curl http://<events_service_machine>:9081/healthcheck?pretty=true


In output of this command I cant find the section below:

events-service-api-store / elasticsearch-singlenode-module


I use the next command provide in kb:

curl http://<events_service_machine>:9200/_cat/shards?v


The output of this command is below:

curl: (7) Failed to connect to event_service_server port 9200: Connection refused.


The port 9200 doesnt work.


So I cant use the solution of this kb to resolve our problem.


How can I resolve this problem?