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Node.js Custom Error detection


Good day team,

We have a Node.js application instrumented with a requirement for health alerting on custom error detection.

The exceptions currently detected are different from the standard http error codes eg. “HTTP Error Other”, which when drilling down further would display the error code that we would like to alert on (e.g. 403, 204 or 500) in the summary of the stack trace e.g. “Stack Trace | HTTP Error Other. Error code 424 for URL www.!@#@$%...”.

The requirement is to alert on the actual error code i.e. create health rules to alert on the separate error codes, I have added an error detection rule and am not entirely sure if I did this correctly or if the method I am using would work at all, if you could advise and let me know, I would appreciate it:

Using lower and upper bounds under Error Detection for node.js, “Detect Errors by HTTP Return Codes” with Description: “HTTP Error Code 403”, lower bound inclusive set to 403 & upper bound inclusive set to 403; does not seem to work.

If this is not the correct way of doing this, does anyone perhaps know if there is a way of splitting these out, using the information captured in the summary of the error in the stack trace?