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Display average Disk Space across all application nodes within a Dashboard widget.


Does anyone know if it is possible to create a dashboard widget that would display an average of combined disk percent used?

We use a Hardware Resource | Disk Used % metric for each node. We have been asked if we can summarise disk used from an application level. I have been struggling with the metric expressions, though in my head it should be relatively easy.

Basic example:

Application1: Tier A, Node 125%
Application1: Tier A, Node 235%
Application1: Tier B, Node 115%
Application1: Tier B, Node 229%

Application 1 - would therefore have an average 26% disk used.

total metric current value divided by node count.

However I am struggling to achieve this as Count refers to "The number of times the metric value has been measured" and not the amount of nodes. Please note the nodes scale up and down as they are part of an auto-scaling-group so cannot get away with dividing by a fixed (constant) number.

Looking at this ...

It would appear I would need to use 'Group Count' but that is not present in the dropdown for dashboard metric expressions.

Any steer would be much appreciated.