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Seeking Best Practice for Global Controller Configuration




We are a global company with four data centers. For simplicity lets say US, Asia, Australia, and Europe. 


What we have:

On-premise AppDynamics solution for the US and US agents.  


What we want:

To start monitoring the rest of our regions.  


What's the best practice?

-Do we continue to use US based AppDynamics solution and deploy agents to the other regions?  

-Do we build a local AppDynamics solution for each region, so 4 different controllers?  

-Are there any regional collector to controller options?  Regional Collector gathers data from the regions' agents then sends it over to our US based controller.


We are monitoring in servers in the thousands for US, hundreds in the other regions.  




AppDynamics Team

Hi Jon,


This should be as per your requirement and the feasibility you have. Some points to consider are below


  • The email alerts will be based on the controller timezone where the controller is installed.
  • Though the data would be reported and shown based on the user timezone.

Please follow below documents for more information on installation of the new controller.




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