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Scalability Analysis chart


I can't find "Scalability Analysis" chart in later versions of AppD Controller. Was it really removed?




YES! I wish I could upvote this question more than once. I was just looking for this. What's the story AppD? The people want to know.

It is not there any more. I was giving demo to application owner, can not find Scalability analysis any more.

Was it removed or defect ?



have never heard of it but I'm interested to know more about.


does anyone have a link describing it?

If you search the version 4.4 or earlier documentation you can find a reference describing it but no images captured of the UI to help visualize it.


Analysis tools include:

-The scalability analysis tool provides scatter diagram graphs to display how performance scales as load (calls per minute) changes. You can compare load to response time or to CPU time for the entire application, a business transaction or a server.
-The correlation analysis tool provides scatter diagram graphs to compare any two metrics. You configure which metrics to display on the X and Y axes.
-The compare releases tool allows you to compare key performance indicators, transaction snapshots, flow maps, business transactions for any two time periods for the entire application, a business transaction or a server.


Of these three metric analysis tools, only Compare Releases still survives in 4.5+.

Vaibhav Vir.Singh

I wish if I could request AppD Engg team to bring those charts. Those were really helpful and meaningful. Not sure on what basis they removed it.

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