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How to handle time change on On-prem controllers?

Are there any suggestions / best practices on handling Daylight savings time change ? Stop Appdynamics from Sending out false alerts during the one hour time change window while still keeping monitoring active? This Sunday we're springing forward so there will be an hour with no data.


Last time this happened we received several false alerts.


AppDynamics Team

Hi There,


Timezone file need to be updated in JDK/JRE with more recent timezone data, to accommodate daylight saving time (DST) changes in different countries. Oracle relies on the timezone data publicly available through IANA's Time Zone Database.


If timezone file is not updated, customers would see different timezone in the controller UI. "TimeZone Updater Tool" can be used to update timezone file.


Here is an example:

1) Here is latest java version  on one of the servers(Java version is 1.8 update 212)
ps aux | grep java

495      86135  1.1  8.5 170393512 45191824 ?  Sl  Oct30 219:01 /opt/appdynamics/platform/jre/1.8.0_212/bin/java -cp 


2) Please check the link below

Look for "8u231" and it mentions that "Brazil no longer observes DST."


Since timezone file is not updated(1.8.0_212), customer would see a different timezone in the controller UI in Brazil 



Satbir Singh

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Thanks Satbir,


Technically our controllers handle the time change. We're located in the US in Central time. The Sunday the time will change by one hour from 2:00 am to 3:00 am. This causes a one hour gap in metrics and triggers alerts. Right now we send out emails to let the teams know to expect this / setup action suppress ions. Wondering if there are better options.