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499 or 500 error for controller API Boer

Hi Community,

Our AppDynamics setup has multiple controllers, separated for environments. In all but one environment I can login successfully through basic auth.

For this specific environment I receive '500 Internal Server Error' (Python script) or '499 CUSTOM' (Postman), with below message:


'An Nginx HTTP server extension. This code is introduced to log the case when the connection is closed by client while HTTP server is processing its request, making server unable to send the HTTP header back.'


Scripts are fully the same, only thing that changes between tries are the accountname and credentials (which are provided in the same format, and I successfully manually logged in to the controllers to check their validity).


Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?



EDIT: detail to add: when connecting to https://<controller url>/controller/auth?action=login, the faulty controller returns no X-CSRF-token but the working controllers do.