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AppDynamics Team

Use Instant Translate to show your AppDynamics exam questions in one of 22 languages in real-time! 

To help make AppDynamics certifications more accessible for all candidates, we are pleased to announce the addition of ML-powered Instant Translate capabilities to 22 target languages. 

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How does Instant Translate work? | Who can use Instant Translate? | Why should I use Instant Translate? | Additional Resources | List of included languages

How does it work? 

The Instant TranslateTM tool operates via machine translation, allowing test-takers to highlight any text they want to see in their chosen language and get an instantaneous translation right on screen and in-assessment. 

It’s a useful tool for translating a question, or simply double-checking your understanding of a particular word or phrase. We hope this will be particularly helpful for those who are taking a test in their non-native language. Its interactive nature also means test-takers benefit from automatic translations on-screen and the flexibility of when to use it. BrittneyBouc_1-1678137930708.jpeg

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Who can use it? 

The Instant Translate tool will be available to all candidates in all AppDynamics Certification exams. The test taker may choose to activate it at will. 

CAUTION | Instant Translate can only provide assistance to help understand the content of the exams in a language you understand. It is fully automated and involves no human intervention, therefore the quality and accuracy of translation can vary significantly from one text string to another and between different language pairs. Explicitly, Instant Translate cannot distinguish between general question context and product-specific terms or user interface (UI) elements.

Cisco AppDynamics does not make any promises, assurances, or guarantees as to the accuracy or reliability of the translations provided. Candidates who rely on alternate languages through Instant Translate in their exams do so at their own risk. 

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Why should I use it? 

  • Fast and interactive: All translations happen on-screen and in-context instantly 
  • Fair and inclusive: Helps candidates taking a test in their non-native language with the ability to succeed more fairly 
  • Reduces test-taker anxiety: Supports candidates understanding so they can focus on the subject matter 
  • Wide-reaching: Has the ability to translate 22 target languages 
  • Highly flexible: Gives candidates the choice to turn the tool on and off at any time, depending on their needs 

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Additional resources 

For more information about how the Instant Translate feature functions, you may visit: 


Current "Instant Translate" Languages 

Chinese (Mandarin) 


Norwegian (Bokmål) 
Portuguese (Brazil) 



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