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Sandbox AppDynamics Environment for Users

Vaibhav Vir.Singh


Just wanted to check if anyone developed\used any utility (within or outside) that installs Appdynamics Sandbox environment which mainly focuses on functionalities, features and navigation to end users and customers.

It should also have suggestions or pop-up window to direct users like where to click next.


If not - i would suggest AppDynamics team to think about it as it is major ask from many teams.


Sole objective is training and making users comfortable with the tool features nd navigations.


Appreciate your  help.





AppDynamics Team

Hi Vaibhav,

We don't currently have a sandbox envirnonment open to users on the training side, however the SE team may have something they use for demos and test drives for potential customers. I'm not sure.

Along with our Instructor-led training courses we do provide hands on lab environments where users work through lab exercises in a training environment. We are also working on a solution to provide similar environment for on-demand labs to accompany our self-paced courses. That may be closer to what you are describing. 

Feel free to reach out to discuss further.


Thanks Gary. It helps.
We are planning to setup a small sandbox env but we don't want to spend time in managing it.
I had seen (if not wrong in wily) where some team had setup a guided environment where dummy application was running and popup instructs the user where to click next.
I was expecting such of a kind.

Do let me know in case you come across some solution like this.

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