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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

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As of July 7, 2021, our AppDynamics Certification Policies, Terms & Conditions have been updated and the AppDynamics certification examination retake policy has been modified slightly. 

Table of Contents

What has changed in the examination retake policy?

With this change, the wait periods after which the examination can be retaken have been adjusted as noted below:

Times Attempted

Waiting Period

1st attempt

48 hours after 1st failed certification attempt

2nd attempt

14 days after 2nd failed certification attempt

3rd and subsequent attempts

30 days after a 3rd, or any subsequent failed certification attempt

How do I re-register for my next examination attempt?

Once candidates have met the minimum wait period outlined, they are eligible to re-register for their next attempt. In order to do so, candidates must fill out a short form on our individual track pages where they will shortly receive follow-up guidance:

Example of the short examination registration form (AppDynamics Certified Performance Analyst)Example of the short examination registration form (AppDynamics Certified Performance Analyst)

Have other questions?

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