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New Browser Synthetic Monitoring (EUM210) course in AppDynamics University!

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 EUM210 - Browser Synthetic Monitoring

Instructor-led Training

5 Topics

4 Labs

Course duration: 3.5 hours 

Learn how to configure AppDynamics Browser Synthetic Monitoring to monitor in EUM210 and optimize user experience and application performance. You will also delve into how to analyze Browser Synthetic outcomes and specialized metrics, and lastly, explore core use cases and best practices for targeting and tuning synthetics data gathering.

 This course is available for Premium University users. To view and register for this, check out AppDynamics University and search for the code EUM210.

 What you’ll learn

  • Benefits, goals, and key use cases of AppDynamics Browser Synthetic Monitoring and how it compares to standard Browser Real User Monitoring. 
  • How to capture and convert browser activity into browser automation scripts and run them in scheduled jobs to monitor the availability, performance, and correctness of customer journeys and webpages. 
  • Interpret synthetic jobs session results which include availability and performance data, charted statistics, and specialized synthetics metrics. 
  • Use AppDynamics flexible alerting capabilities to set up health rules and alerts based on synthetics metrics.

Who is this course for?

  • Developers tasked with configuring synthetic jobs and who are responsible for creating and managing synthetic scripts used for triaging and troubleshooting.
  • Site reliability engineers and performance monitoring teams who analyze performance data produced through browser synthetic monitoring.


Required: None


  • APM210 - Core APM I
  • EUM201 - Browser Real User Monitoring


Topic 1 - Browser Synthetic Monitoring Overview

Topic 2 - Analyze Browser Synthetic Data

Topic 3 - Create Browser Synthetic Scripts and Jobs

Topic 4 - Browser Synthetic Best Practices

Topic 5 - Configure Synthetics-based Alerts