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PRO531 - Integrate Kubernetes environments with AppDynamics 

Instructor-led Training
5 Topics
9 Labs
Course duration: 3.5 hours

This course introduces you to AppDynamics Cluster Agent, and how it provides E2E Visibility of Kubernetes environments by integrating with AppDynamics Controller. It provides instructions on how to deploy and validate the Cluster Agent for container visibility, how to deploy and validate AppDynamics Infraviz agent for cluster Infrastructure Visibility, how to monitor cluster metrics and troubleshoot cluster events using AppDynamics Controller UI. 

This course is available for Premium University users. To view and register for this, check out AppDynamics University and search for the code PRO531.


What you’ll learn

  • Overview: How AppDynamics Agents deliver full-stack observability for Kubernetes environments, focusing on the AppDynamics Cluster Agent that is used for monitoring K8s clusters
  • Highlighted: the key benefits, common use cases, prerequisites, and the deployment process of the Cluster Agent to integrate Kubernetes clusters with AppDynamics.
  • How to deploy and validate the Cluster Agent in a Kubernetes cluster and how to register the cluster with AppDynamics Controller.
  • How to monitor K8s objects and events using Cluster Metrics Dashboard
  • How to drill down into pod metrics. 
  • Instructions on how to deploy and validate the InfraViz agent for infrastructure visibility that comes with the Cluster Agent bundle. You will learn how the InfraViz agent enables you to use the Servers Dashboard in the Controller UI to access and monitor server-level metrics for K8s nodes and track network interfaces in the cluster.
  • How to troubleshoot issues in a K8s cluster by reviewing Cluster Events from the Controller UI and by proactively setting up alerts for Cluster Metrics using Health Rules to identify issues in a cluster.


Who is this course for?

This course is designed for DevOps, Developers, Admins, and Performance Analysts working on containerized applications and services. 



Required: None
Recommended: Working knowledge of Kubernetes, containers, and container orchestration concepts



Topic 1 - AppDynamics E2E Visibility in Kubernetes environments

Topic 2 - Install AppDynamics Cluster Agent in Kubernetes cluster

Topic 3 - Review Cluster Metrics in AppDynamics Controller UI

Topic 4 - Deploy InfraViz for Infrastructure Visibility in Kubernetes cluster

Topic 5 - Troubleshoot K8s cluster issues using AppDynamics