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Introducing our latest AppDynamics University courses for Developers - DEV310

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DEV310 - Developers:
AppDynamics for Release Comparison and Validation

Instructor-Led Training: 6 topics and 4 Labs

AppDynamics’ full-stack range of metrics, from application transactions down to the operating system, is a powerful tool when applied to application release comparison and validation. Application developers use AppDynamics to discover code-level issues, underlying application problems and provide support for teams who configure AppDynamics to monitor application performance. 

This course will teach developers how to drill down to the code and data underlying application processes including backends and 3rd party services with AppDynamics. You’ll also learn how to identify the metrics that map to specific application code segments and how to extend the reach of AppDynamics monitoring through configuring custom metrics, data collection and instrumentation.

To view and register for this new series, check out AppDynamics University and search for the code Dev310.

What you’ll learn

How to use AppDynamics for release comparison and validation by:

  • Using dashboards to identify differences in application release performance.
  • Employing business transaction snapshots to discover root causes of application problems.
  • Using the Metric Browser to identify metrics related to any monitoring source.
  • Defining custom metrics through added instrumentation.
  • Configuring custom data collection to enrich transaction data for analysis.
  • Instrumenting Java methods and service calls to generate custom metrics.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for application developers and QA teams tasked with troubleshooting their application code, and supporting teams who configure AppDynamics to monitor application performance. The course focuses on core AppDynamics concepts and skills developers should apply to release comparison and validation within the software development lifecycle.


Required: None

Recommended: Self-paced topics


  • Discover How AppDynamics and APM Can Help You
  • Explore How AppDynamics Monitoring Works
  • Explore Business Transactions
  • Use Transaction Snapshots to Troubleshoot Application Issues
  • Analyze Metrics in the Metric Browser
  • Data Collectors - Types and Uses for APM


  • What Is Business iQ?
  • Analytics Data Essentials
  • Configure Custom Data Collection for Analytics

Topics - AppDynamics for Release Comparison and Validation

Topic 1 - Release Comparison Overview   

Topic 2 - Business Transactions and Snapshots

Topic 3 - Using Standard and Custom Metrics

Topic 4 - Configuring Data Collectors

Topic 5 - Adding Information Points

Topic 6 - Adding Service Endpoints