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ABAP Agent upgrade can result in job loss when performed out of recommended order

Before upgrading to AppDynamics ABAP Agent v4.4.1812 or newer, it is critical to follow the official upgrade procedure outlined in SAP Monitoring using AppDynamics, under Upgrade or Uninstall the solutionIf the order of instructions in the guide is not followed, installing or upgrading the ABAP Agent may lead to issues including loss of saved background jobs.

If you’re on an affected version and also use report ‘BTCTRNS1’, the bug will be triggered when you deactivate the ABAP Agent (/DVD/APPD_CUST -> Deactivate integration) in the wrong order.

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How can I avoid background job deletion when upgrading the ABAP Agent?

When upgrading from ABAP Agent v4.4.1812 or newer, it is critical to follow the official upgrade procedure outlined in the SAP Monitoring using AppDynamics documentation, under Upgrade or Uninstall the solution.

If you have already upgraded and are unsure whether that installation deviated from the published instructions, here are steps you can take to confirm the safety of your saved background jobs:

  1. Check to see whether there are any suspended jobs in TBTCO, using SE16 to validate that there are no jobs with a status of 'Z'

  2. If there are no suspended jobs reported, the AppDynamics agent integration can be disabled

    If there are suspended jobs, execute BTCTRNS2 to restart the suspended jobs briefly and then disable the AppDynamics agent integration

  3. Execute BTCTRNS1 to set all released background jobs (status = 'S') back to suspended (status = 'Z')
  4. Run the upgrades/activities as usual

  5. Execute BTCTRNS2 to re-enable suspended background jobs

  6. Re-enable the AppD integration


What can I do after a loss of saved background jobs?

If the Upgrade or Uninstall the solution instructions were not followed and background jobs were lost, here are some suggestions on the best ways to best address the issue:

  1. The most direct solution is to temporarily restore a backup of this system and get the list of all scheduled jobs either from t-code SM37 or directly from tables such as TBTCO, TBTCS, TBTCP.
    Once the list of jobs is obtained, restore in the live system.

  2. If that is not possible, check SAP note 850885. If job deletion logging was active, the logs may contain the list of jobs that were deleted.

  3. If that is not possible, make sure to create a backup of tables TBTCO, TBTCS and TBTCP ASAP before SAP standard housekeeping purges too much data from these tables.

  4. Then check t-code SM37 for previously finished background jobs and use the information to recreate scheduled jobs. 

NOTE | This process will not cover infrequent scheduled jobs (monthly, annual) that have not run recently, since SAP standard housekeeping only holds a list of finished background jobs up to a few weeks old

If you have encountered this error, there is not much our L2/L3 support channel can help with at this time—but you can raise a Support ticket for the ABAP Agent, for incident tracking purposes. 


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