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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

In October, v23.10.x enhancements included Cisco Cloud ObservabilitySaaS Controller and Agent enhancements—including SAP Agent updates, and On-premises Controller  upgrades.

In November, v23.11 enhancements included Agent Management features, including Smart Agent and the Smart Agent CLI.

Product name change announcements 

As of November 27, 2023, the Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform is now the Cisco Observability Platform and Cloud Native Application Observability is now Cisco Cloud Observability powered by the Cisco Observability Platform. These name changes better align our products with the Cisco portfolio and with our business strategy. 

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In this article… 


What new product enhancements were released in October and November 2023?

TIP | This article provides product enhancement highlights, organized by product. Each product section links to the corresponding Release Notes page. When available, links to the specific release version are also included.

 Cisco Observability Platform enhancement highlights
Formerly Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform

NOTE | There was no Cisco Observability Platform release during this period. Below, see module enhancement highlights. For a complete list of enhancements, see the  v23.10.0 Module Enhancements Release Notes and the  v23.11.0 Module Enhancements Release Notes.

For Developer Support, see the 23.10.27 Cisco Observability Platform Release Notes.


Extended Cisco Cloud Observability Modules 

  • Application Resource Optimizer: Override blockers when configuring the optimization of your workloads for testing purposes.
  • Use Cost Insights to set budgets and monitor costs for infrastructure resources grouped by teams.
  • Create HTTP alerts on Cisco Secure Application

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Cisco Cloud Observability enhancement highlights
Formerly Cloud Native Application Observability prior to November 27, 2023

NOTESee the Cisco Cloud Observability v23.10 Release Notes page for a complete list of enhancements in October 2023. There was no release in November 2023.


GA 23.10.27

Health Rules have several new features, including: 

  • Create health rule conditions for percentile values on a histogram metric—a feature that enhances alert generation accuracy by reducing noise. More in the Release Notes. 
  • By establishing health rule conditions for events, you can also receive alerts for abnormal events. Violating Events Chart information includes the number of events during a set time, trend, and deviation from threshold value. 
  • When applying filters for entity types and metrics, values of available filter attributes are now automatically suggested. 

Purged Time to Live (TTL) for each entity documented

Cisco AppDynamics has documented the purge time-to-live (TTL) for each entity. For more information, see Kubernetes Entities. For other domains, see the entity-centric page documentation for your specific entity. 

Cloud infrastructure troubleshooting  

Cisco Cloud Observability now supports monitoring: 

  • Amazon Apache Managed Flink Application 
  • Amazon Athena 
  • AWS CodeBuild 
  • Amazon Cognito 
  • Amazon Elastic Container Registry 
  • AWS Glue 
  • Amazon Simple Notification Service 
  • GCP Cloud Run 
  • GCP Cloud SQL 
  • GCP Load Balancers

Kubernetes and App Service Monitoring 

  • The Orchestration Client was renamed to the Cisco AppDynamics Smart Agent. As part of this change, the fso-agent-mgmt-client section of the operator-values.yaml file was renamed to appdynamics-smartagent.
  • For any upgrade from 23.6.0 to >=23.9.0, ensure that the Smart Agent values are updated in the operators-values.yaml file. See Upgrade or Uninstall Kubernetes and App Service Monitoring.
  • Use new Kubernetes predefined health rule K8s CronJob Health Rule to identify failed cronjobs.
  • You can now use Enable Additional Configurations section at Configure > Kubernetes and App Services to generate the configuration file with selected collectors and operating systems.  
    When you download the configuration files for operator and the required collectors, the configuration file includes the inline documentation of the additional settings. See Install Kubernetes and App Service Monitoring.

Grafana plugin 

The 23.9 version of the Grafana plugin includes the Include All option toggle.

App Root Cause Analysis using Anomaly Detection

You can now view Pod readiness and liveness probe information can on the Properties panel of Pods, Workloads, Clusters, and Namespaces.


Cisco Cloud Observability now supports log collection from additional sources: 

  • Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (Amazon ELB) service logs (includes ALB, CLB, NLB) 
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) service logs 
  • Applications running on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS)  
  • Applications running on AWS Fargate  
  • Applications running on non-Kubernetes® Linux hosts, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and bare-metal Linux machines 
    You can now deploy the Log Collector on non-Kubernetes hosts, such as bare metal EC2s. Hosts must be running on Linux. In this deployment, the Log Collector sends logs from the host directly to the Cisco AppDynamics common ingestion service (CIS).

The new Enable Additional Configurations option generates a collectors-values.yaml file for you, simplifying the Log Collector’s deployment onto your clusters. See Configure the Log Collector.

A new interface, Configure > Log Processing, allows you to specify server-side log parsing rules to extract fields from incoming log messages at the time of ingestion. By saving these rules on the server, you can standardize field names, improve search performance, and apply the same rules to new log sources. 

Data Masking with the Rule scope Menu. In Configure > Data Security, options to specify the scope of a data masking rule have expanded, allowing you to select a log attribute from the Rule scope pull-down menu, and specifying a value for that attribute.  

Masking rules you created with the logFormat parameter still work, but are no longer editable. We recommend that you delete your existing data masking rules and recreate them using the Rule scope menu. See Mask Sensitive Data.

The Relevant Fields panel on the Logs page now displays all available relevant fields with distinct values, count, and percentage—expanded from a hardcoded list of 5 fields. This panel provides the fastest and most convenient way to filter your view of log messages. See Troubleshoot with Logs. 

Service time investigations 

In the time range selector, you can now select a default time, a recently used time range, or a custom time where you can select from absolute or relative time. See Understand the Observe UI. 

Business Transactions 23.10.27 

  • Now, only users with appropriate permissions can “favorite” Business Transactions. For users with the Observer role, the favorites and shortcut options will be hidden. See Business Transactions, Favorites. 
  • With Business Transactions, you can now configure and visualize the Revenue Loss metric  to correlate performance issues to business impacts and perform segment analysis. See Business Transactions. 
  • You can now filter based on specific metrics. A new column for metrics appears in the list view depending on the filter. See Filters. 

The UI theme has been updated to include new features such as updated colors, flowmap capabilities (see all entity pages), and light/dark mode options. 

Troubleshooting documentation has been updated for users who cannot collect some traces due to their size being greater than the allowed limit. See Troubleshoot Application Performance Monitoring with OpenTelemetry.

Spectro Cloud® Palette 

The following Cisco Cloud Observability monitoring solutions can now be installed and/or configured using add-on packs in the Spectro Cloud® Palette user interface: 

  • Kubernetes and App Service Monitoring 
  • Application Performance Monitoring 
  • Log Collection 
  • Events Collection 

This alternate installation process does not require manually accessing the Kubernetes cluster or using Helm chart commands. 

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Agent enhancement highlights

NOTESee the AppDynamics SaaS v23.10 and AppDynamics SaaS v23.11 for the complete October and November 2023 agent enhancement details. 

ABAP Agent

GA 23.11.0 
November 31, 2023

ABAP Agent now supports End User Monitoring (EUM) for SAP GUI sessions. See SAP GUI End User Monitoring.

For additional release details, see Release Notes v23.11.0:

  • SAP-319 (ASM-1325) Deferred Error Reporting
  • SAP-323 (ASM-1345) Custom Naming Logic for Backends
  • SAP-363 (ASM-1334): S/4 HANA 2022 FPS02: HTTP SKK Update and TLS 1.3/1.3 support
  • SAP-363 (ASM-1334): S/4 HANA 2022 FPS02 Compatibility
  • SAP-371 (ASM-1323): Event Limit Parametrization
  • Various Monitoring improvements

Analytics Agent 

GA 23.10.0 
October 31, 2023

Upgrades to third-party component Azul JRE to v8.72(8u382) 
Log Analytics support for the following operating systems: 

  • IBM AIX (Advanced Interactive eXecutive) 7.2.x 
  • HP-UX (Unix) 11.31.x 

See Collect Log Analytics Data. 

GA 23.11.0 
November 27, 2023

Third-party components dom4j, jetter-server, netty-all, and org.json were updated.


GA 23.11.0 
November 17, 2023

Support for:

  • Normal Average Response Time
  • TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 for communication with the Controller and Analytics Server.

Cluster Agent

GA 23.11.0 
November 29, 2023

New option allows you to retain the instrumented configuration for all successful deployments during an upgrade or re-instrumentation. See Auto-Instrumentation Configuration.

Database Agent

GA 23.11.0 
November 29, 2023

You can configure policies for Microsoft SQL Server database events:


See Microsoft SQL Server Database Events Reference and Database Events Reference.

IBM Integration Bus Agent

GA 23.11.0 
November 7, 2023

  • Now, you can select IIB Agent when creating a match rule, which gives visibility and context for non-performant IIB business transactions. See Custom Match Rules.
  • you can add HTTP parameters while configuring data collectors, providing HTTP header and payload information for IIB business transactions. See Data Collectors.

iOS Agent

Support for the iOS SDK installation using Swift Package Manager for iOS Agents v23.10.1 or higher. See Install the iOS SDK. 

Java Agent

GA 23.11.0 
November 30, 2023


Machine Agent

GA 23.11.0 
November 30, 2023

PHP Agent

GA 23.11.0 
November 29, 2023

.NET Agent

GA 23.11.0 
November 30, 2023

  • Code optimizations, performance improvements, and third-party library upgrades.


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SaaS Controller enhancement highlights

NOTES |See the AppDynamics v23.10 SaaS Controller Release Notes page for the complete October 2023 enhancements. No SaaS Controller enhancements were released in November.

Cisco Secure Application

GA 23.10.0
October 31, 2023

Anomaly Detection

GA 23.11.0
November 30, 2023

  • On the Suspected Cause details page, the Top Deviating Metrics timeline now displays the evaluation period of an anomaly for precise identification of the time when the issue started. See Troubleshooting Anomalies.

Agent Management Enhancement

GA 23.11.0
November 30, 2023

  • Introducing Smart Agent, which allows you to use the Controller UI to perform bulk agent operations—install, upgrade, or rollback. 
  • Agent Management also provides an auto-attach feature for detecting and starting supported AppDynamics agents without modifying the start configuration of the applications.
  • Smart Agent CLI provides buildtime workflows toautomate the installation, upgrade and uninstall of supported AppDynamics agents (including Smart Agent).

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On-prem enhancement highlights

NOTE |See the On-premises Platform Release Notes page for the complete October enhancements. No enhancements were released in November.

Enterprise Console

GA 23.10.0 
October 12 31, 2023

This release includes Controller 23.7.3. 

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Where can I find additional information about product enhancements? 

In Documentation, each product category has a Release Notes page where enhancements are described in detail on an ongoing basis. Links to the most recent versions are: 

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Resolved issues

DID YOU KNOW? You can find ongoing lists of Resolved Issues on each Release Notes page by version. Sort the list on each page by headings, including key, product, severity, or affected version(s). Find Resolved Issues by Product here: 
Cisco Observability Platform 
Cisco Cloud Observability 
AppDynamics SaaS Documentation (latest) 
AppDynamics On-premises Documentation
Accounts Administration (Administration Tasks)
SAP Monitoring using AppDynamics 

Advisories and Notifications

Upcoming End of Support for Cluster Collectors <23.10 and
required upgrade for continued Kubernetes ...

Cluster Collectors <23.10 are deprecated with support ending January 30, 2024. After this date, monitoring Kubernetes entities via the relationship pane will require an upgrade to Cluster Collector version >=23.10. 



ADVISORY | Customers are advised to check backward compatibility in the Agent and Controller Compatibility documentation.

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