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In May, the AppDynamics SaaS Controller v22.5.0 was released with key product enhancements. There have also been a number of agent enhancements. 

Additionally, the latest AppDynamics for SAP release, 22.5.0, is available on the download site.


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What release highlights should I know about?

These release highlights include the newest features and capabilities this month, at a glance. In the grid below, we’ve flagged who within your organization may be most interested or impacted for each enhancement. 

USER and
Agent Installer (ZFI)    
Java Agent  
Machine Agent
.NET Agent    
Node.js Agent    
Python Agent  
Private Synthetic Agent  
React Native Agent  
Mobile Real User Monitoring
Synthetic Monitoring
Database Monitoring


Agent Updates

Agent Installer

A new custom tier naming rule in the Agent Installer provides the capability to create tier names based on rules using server types, environments, variables, or conditions. Highlights include:

  •  Built-in and simplified Rego capabilities
  •  Exporting and importing of existing sets of rules
  •  Setting rule priorities and precedence
  •  Rule definition preview and troubleshooting

For more information, see the Manage Tier Naming Rules documentation. 


Java Agent

The latest Java Agent now includes a number of new node properties. Please see the Agent Node Property References documentation for details. The new node properties are: (v22.5.0 Released May 26, 2022)

  • custom-activity-correlation
  • custom-interceptor-rules
  • sensitive-data-filter
  • sensitive-message-filter
  • sensitive-url-filter


Machine Agent

The Machine Agent has some minor bug fixes and several upgrades to various operating systems’ JRE libraries. In addition, the Oshi library, a 3rd party library, has been updated to 6.1.6.
(v22.5.0 Released May 26, 2022)


.NET Agent

There are various updates to the latest .NET Agent, and in addition, ends support for .NET Frameworks 4.5.2, 4.6, 4.6.1, and .NET 5. See .NET Supported Environments.

  • Implements the agent side of supported controller features for .NET. 
  • Adds support for grammar in agent configuration. See Use Grammars to Configure the .NET Agent.
  • Adds support for MS SQL Client instrumentation from the nuget package Microsoft.Data.SqlClient
  • Improves the reflection for HTTP response types, assembly metadata validation for loaded types, type equality operations, and usage of lock objects. 

(v22.5.0 Released May 25, 2022)


Node.js Agent

The Node.js Agent includes updates for common environment variables to configure the Node.js Agent. (v22.5.0 Released May 11, 2022)


Private Synthetic Agent

The Private Synthetic Agent now supports proxy configurations using environmental variables. (v22.5.0 Released May 5, 2022)


Python Agent

The latest Python Agent contains a bug fix (v22.5.0 Released May 26, 2022)


React Native Agent

The React Native Agent includes minor fixes and optimizations. (v22.5.0 Released May 17, 2022)



The SAP 22.5.0 release is SAP Certified having also passed internal security compliance checks and includes:

  • Support for Expert Settings UI giving deeper customization to the ABAP Agent
  • Exit calls can be switched to Limited mode
  • Per server event service connection check
  • New collector for SAP table lock monitoring (SM12), and more. 

Please also note that Datavard Insights will soon be renamed to SNP CrystalBridge Monitoring. (v22.5.0 Released May 30, 2022)

NOTE | To view all technical documentation associated with this month’s releases, please visit Product Announcements, Alerts, and Hot Fixes in our documentation portal

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Heads up - What else you should know 

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Support Advisories

You should be aware of two support advisory notifications that have come out in May.


New AppDynamics University courses

Check out the latest installment of our instructor interview seriesAlso, see the most recent education product updates or access these new instructor-led and short-form courses directly on AppDynamics University. Or read about them in recent News and Announcements posts.

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Resolved and known issues

The following key issues were resolved this month. You can see a complete listing of this month’s Agent and Controller Resolved Issues, as well as additional detail around known issues in the Release Notes


  • Controller | Cut down the size of packet from Controller response to the agent by decreasing the frequency of sending EUM configuration. EUMPLAT-2932
  • Services | PDX EUM data drop due to the ELB outage. EUMPLAT-3211
  • UI Controller | License Summary drill down page is not sending a dateFrom and dateTo query params in usage request. LIC-2431

You can see a complete listing of this month’s Agent and Controller Resolved Issues, as well as additional detail around known issues in the Release Notes

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