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What AppDynamics enhancements were new in February 2023? 

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  • AppDynamics SaaS Controller v23.2.0 was released on February 27, 2023, and includes enhancements around added database monitoring login capabilities, and to Dash Studio. 
  • AppDynamics Cloud v23.2 was released on February 23, 2023, as was the Grafana plugin. It includes enhancements around anomaly detection and added support for AWS cloud service entities,  
  • AppDynamics On-Premises v23.1.1 was released on February 15, 2023, and includes a new version of the Events Service 23.2.0 for new cluster deployments (upgrading existing controllers pending) which is applicable for Windows. Please refer to Administer the Events Service, Events Service Requirements, and the On-Premises Release Notes for more details.  


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What release highlights should I know about?

The following table includes release highlights AppDynamics features and capabilities released in February 2023. Check out the table to see who in your organization may be most interested in or impacted by each enhancement. For minor fixes or patches, please refer to the respective release notes links below.

AppDynamics Cloud enhancement highlights User Admin
DevOps SecOps
Anomaly Detection  
AWS Cloud Services  
Expanded APM to infrastructure correlation entities    
Agent enhancement highlights        
Cluster Agent  
Flutter Agent  
Java Agent    
MAUI Agent    
.NET Agent  
SAP ABAP Agent    
Xamarin Agent    
See additional enhancements indicated below    
AppDynamics On-Premises enhancement highlights
Enterprise Controller v23.1.1
Events Service 23.2.0     


Where can I find detailed information about this month's enhancements?

Product enhancements are described in detail, and on an ongoing basis, on the respective documentation portal pages, i.e., AppDynamics Cloud Release NotesAppDynamics (CSaaS) Release NotesRelease Notes for AppDynamics Accounts and Licensing, and AppDynamics On-Premises APM Platform Release Notes.

Where available, see links to this month's Release Notes below, under each product heading.

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AppDynamics Cloud highlights

NOTE | See the complete AppDynamics Cloud Release Notes for February 2023, v23.2 in our documentation portal.

Grafana plug-in 

Build Grafana dashboards using your AppDynamics Cloud data with our new installable plug-in. Available for both Enterprise and open-source Grafana users. (GA v23.2 Released February 23, 2023) 

DOCUMENTATION | Integrate AppDynamics Cloud with Grafana 

Anomaly detection for Business Transactions 

Reduce MTTI with Anomaly Detection by configuring the algorithm to easily monitor performance issues across your services.  

DOCUMENTATION | Determine the root case of an anomaly 

(GA v23.2 Released February 23, 2023) 

Business Transaction (BT) visibility 

Use auto-defined business transactions to filter out noise and focus on your application’s most critical flows. Traces and spans provide additional context to help you pinpoint issues. (GA v23.2 Released February 23, 2023) 

Collect additional MELT data for additional AWS entities 

We now include the ability to collect MELT data for AWS Lambda and Amazon Elastic File System.  (GA v23.2 Released February 23, 2023) 

Infrastructure monitoring for Windows container workloads 

Monitor key performance metrics and health for your Kubernetes Windows in EKS and AWS. (GA v23.2.1 Released February 23, 2023) 

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Agent release highlights

NOTE |See the full 23.2 Release Notes for a complete, ongoing, and sortable list of Agent enhancements  

Cluster Agent 

  • Auto-instrument an application using multiple Cluster Agents 
  • Support for building the Cluster Agent RHEL-based container image without a RedHat subscription 
  • Additional support to install AppDynamics Operator from OpenShift OperatorHub for OpenShift Cluster 

See detailed Release Notes 

 (GA v23.2 Released February 27, 2023) 

Flutter Agent 

  • Supports the most popular cross-platform mobile framework support  
  • Instrument Flutter applications beyond the existing AppD SDK to monitor and receive analytics  
  • Streamline application development by automatically reporting metrics such as memory, storage, and battery, along with connection transition events 
  • Tracking core analytics for things like network requests, screen, and user-flow tracking, ANR, and crash reporting, automatic screen captures and user touch-points, and so much more! 

See Instrument Flutter Applications. 

(GA v23.2 Released February 27, 2023) 

Java Agent 

(GA v23.2 Released February 27, 2023) 

MAUI Agent 

Now supports WebView Instrumentation, as well as other minor enhancements.  (GA v23.2 Released February 14, 2023) 


IIS pipeline instrumentation has been integrated, and third-party dependencies have been updated. (GA v23.2 Released February 28, 2023) 


  • Monitor and report SLT replication status to support monitoring financial reporting.  
  • AppDynamics for SAP (as of v23.2) is compatible with S/4 HANA 2022, up to FPS00 
  • Reconstruct and monitor inbound RFC module calls as a dedicated business transaction type 
  • Use match rule copy logic to quickly define many custom match rules 
  • Monitor SAP system virtual memory to reduce chances of system halts.  

See the detailed SAP Release Notes. (GA v23.2 Released February 27, 2023) 

Xamarin Agent 

Customize Xamarin Agent with WebView instrumentation, Fragment Tracking, and by viewing Controller Tracking. (GA v23.2 Released February 14, 2023) 

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AppDynamics On-premises enhancement highlights

NOTESee the full On-premises and AMP Platform Release Announcements for a complete, ongoing, and sortable list of enhancements

There is an Enterprise Controller Console update, v23.1.1, and one specifically for Events Service v23.2.0
(GA v23.1.1 Released February 15, 2023) 

Enterprise Controller 23.1.1 

A number of minor enhancements are included with the Enterprise Controller February release, including a Jetty upgrade, and other 3rd party component upgrades such as Azure JRE, MySQL, and NuProcess, along with typical bug fixes.  

Events Service 23.2.0 

Events Service 23.2.0, part of the overall Enterprise Console 23.1.1 upgrade, is intended only for new cluster deployments. Existing Enterprise Console deployments can still upgrade the controller, but will not get their Events Service upgraded at this time. 

NOTE | Events Service 23.2.0: 

  • Upgrades from a prior version are not supported today (to be made available later in the year) 
  • Is applicable for the Enterprise Console distribution and is not supported on Windows 
  • SSL communication between elastic search nodes is not yet supported 
  • There is a known issue when searching for a particular analytics event service where an Unknown Server Error occurs.  

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What else should I know?

Upcoming deprecation Node.js Agent

  • As of March 31, 2023, Node.js Agent will no longer support version 12.


Community News 

Check out the new Welcome Center, where Community members can get self-service and many-to-many help with the community platform’s features and best practices. Read how-to articles in Community 101, or raise or answer questions in Welcome Center discussions 

TIP | To find the Welcome Center from anywhere in the Community, click Groups on the navigation bar, then select Welcome Center. 


AppDynamics University News 

The AppDynamics University team have launched a refreshed user experience, as well as releasing a number of new courses. Read the summary in the Education Product Updates, January and February 2023. 

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Resolved issues

See the complete lists of resolved Issues in AppDynamics Cloud Release Notes and AppDynamics (CSaaS) Release Notes.

The following key issues were resolved in February.  

DBMON-8446 | NullPointerException error occurs while resolving MongoDB topology 

PYTHON-1049 | Oracle connection strings with empty username and password fields display CxOracleConnectionInterceptor._connect error. 

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PLANNING AN UPGRADE? | Please check backward compatibility in the Agent and Controller Compatibility documentation as part of your upgrade planning process

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Events Service, EUM Components)
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