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How do I build a Monitoring or Alerting extension?

AppDynamics extensions are divided into two broad categories: Monitoring extensions and Alerting extensions


Monitoring Extensions

  • These extensions run as monitors on AppDynamics Machine Agent and report metrics from an artifact to AppDynamics Controller.
  • Examples of these are Cassandra Extension and  Memcached Extension

  • A guide to building monitoring extensions using Java and Shell Scripts can be found in the product documentation here and here respectively. 


Alerting Extensions

  • These extensions are integrations that run as custom actions on the AppDynamics Controller.
  • Most of these alerting extensions work only for dedicated (single-tenant) SaaS Controller or on-premises Controllers.

  • Please refer to HTTP Request  Actions and Templates.

Find more information in the AppDynamics Exchange.

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Hey guys,


I built a monitoring extension to monitor Apache Geode / Pivotal Gemfire. Any chance you might want to add this to the list of community plugins? I could provide support. I published this extension here: and wrote a blog post here: 


I am not sure if I do get notifications from this forum, you can also contact me at




Hello Stefan,

Looks like we are having issues while building your extension.

You are using some dependencies with scope test, which in this case will not work. Could you please rectify this so that we can go ahead and publish this extension.

Thank you,


Hi Team,


I have created an alerting extension for HP Service Manager based on ServiceNow Rest API Alerting extension but allows to create incident for Health Rule Voilations and Other Events. Please let me know if this can be accepted for publishing. If yes, let me know the process to upload.





I am interested in how you did the extension. Did you use HTTP Request



Hi Alakshya,

Please send an email to and add all the information related to the extension.



Hi Bhuvnesh,


Thanks. Will do that.


Hi Jack,


Used the HPSM Rest API Call to modify the ServiceNow Rest API Alerting Extension. I will share the code in few days and update.






Thanks Alakshya. I have built an HP extension too. But I built a web
service to receive the Rest call and then call the opcmsg program to send
the alert to HPOM. I'm not familiar with the HPSM Rest API. Is that
documented somewhere?


Hi Jack,


The earlier releases of HPSM used SOAP and rest has been newly introduced. I will place the code on github and share the link.



Hi Jack,


You can check the extension source at