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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

SAP for Manufaturing_YT_thumb.jpgUnderstanding and navigating the complexities of modern manufacturing, and tracking them with SAP and Cisco AppDynamics

Video Length: 2 min 23 seconds 

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In this Cisco Cloud Observability video, Matt Schuetze delves into the complex challenges that define today's manufacturing business landscape—and how Cisco AppDynamics can integrate with SAP environments to address them.

The video offers an essential understanding of the manufacturing industry’s challenges and the role SAP plays in it. Matt explains Cisco AppDynamics’ unique capability to link business process steps and flows to the underlying ABAP code and HANA database calls, providing a direct connection to user experience within the SAP environment.



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About presenter Matt Schuetze

Matt Schuetze  Field ArchitectMatt Schuetze Field Architect

Matt Schuetze is a Field Architect at Cisco on the AppDynamics product. He confers with customers and engineers to assess application tooling choices and helps clients resolve application performance problems. Matt runs the Detroit Java User Group and the AppDynamics Great Lakes User Group. His career includes 10+ years of speaking periodically at user groups and industry trade shows.

He has a Master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering from MIT and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Michigan.

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