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Individual Pod Restart alerts


Is it possible to set alert for individual pod restart counts ? I have setup an alert by choosing the metric HardwareResources|Cluster|Pod restarts , It calculates on cluster basis, the total number of pod restarts. 

But it does not help much, it will be good if we can get alerts based on pod specific. Have anyone tried doing it?


AppDynamics Team

Hello @Viji.Radhakrishnan,

Thank you for posting us.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available at the moment. In any k8s environment, we can not have the same pod/container name when it gets restarted so it is hard to set up a HR in this situation.  

It is in our road map but we do not have any times lines as our engineering team chasing challenges with the cluster.
I would recommend you to open an idea with this requirement.

The Idea Exchange is where customers are able to directly submit, vote, and discuss feature requests and product ideas to affect product changes. You can check in on submitted ideas and see status updates at any time. To learn more about what to expect and how to present your ideas, see Idea Submission Guidelines.

Best Regards,
Rajesh Ganapavarapu

Thanks @Rajesh.Ganapavarapu I have submitted it in the idea exchange for now.