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Resolved! Unable to query Events Api.

Hi there everyone.I am struggling to get the Events Api to accept a query for some metrics I want to query.I followed the instructions on and have...

Error Db agent

good day,please help. DB agent has a problem with connecting more detailed metrics. I restarted and reinstalled the agent but the error persists #|2023-11-28T13:37:39.480+0100|SEVERE|glassfish 4.1|com.sun.jersey.spi.container.ContainerResponse|_Threa...

Stats on the API Usage

I'm trying to understand the API usage - Internal and Public, basic auth vs token based -  in our controllers so they are appropriately sized and there is no performance bottle necks, how do I get these stats?I want to filter out the Internal API vol...


Cannot write to parent folder /AppServerAgent-1.8-

The code for this issue is here: am using the AppD agent within a Tomcat based web app. The agent directory is copied into the container unalte...

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