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How do we turn off the message stating there are "disconnected backend db servers"?

Hi folks,


We recently upgraded our controllers to 20.4, and a new feature we are seeing is a persistent message on the flow map page stating we have "disconnected backend database servers".  While we can turn it off for that session, once we reconnect, the message is back.  The message is confusing our users and frankly, a little annoying to have to "x" it off each time we access the flow map page.  Can we turn this off, or disable it in some way.  Thanks!


The Controller releases occur every six weeks. This page lists the SaaS and on-premises Controller enhancements included in the 20.4 release....

Database Monitoring

  • The controller provides the following visual context for the backend database on the flow map:
    • The database icon with green mark shows that the status of the database is healthy. If there are any health rule violations, the icon changes accordingly.  
    • If there are any disconnected backend database servers, a message is displayed to connect to the appropriate server or cluster in Database Visibility.

Hi Bojan,


We are using 20.6.1-2253 and that version no longer has the database messaging.

Great, that makes sense. Hopefully 20.6.1 solves it. I will report on Friday how that looks in our environment, so Ryan can precisely give the information to everybody about the version.

I can happily confirm the problem is solved. They have upgraded this controller a day ahead and now the version is 20.6.2-2288.

This is even newer version than the one reported working fine in the previous post. Anyway, to summarize, maybe you should update the bug fixes list and write that this is fixed from 20.6.1 instead of 20.6.0.