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Our AppDynamics University continues to grow. This area serves to provide new detailed information regarding our offerings and how to maximize their usage.

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Getting started in AppDynamics University Registering for and signing in to AppDynamics University Reset your password Getting support   Navigating AppDynamics University Locating courses and viewing the calendar in AppDynamics University Types of le...

Getting started in AppDynamics University

    Activate your AppDynamics account You should have received an email to activate your AppDynamics account and set up your password. If you cannot locate the email, navigate to, select Reset Password and follow the prompts....

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Removing users from a subscription voucher

How do I remove users from a University voucher? To remove a user from a voucher: Have your Company Admin go to the Account Management Portal’s University Subscriptions page. Under University Entitlements, locate the subscription voucher, then select...

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Comparison of University subscription products

What are the differences between the University Subscriptions?     Standard Premium Multi-user Best for A quick scope of the AppDynamics platform for everyone. Perfect for individual contributors or small teams.  Ideal for larger in-house teams...

View your University subscription level

How do I view my University subscription level? You can check your University subscription access in the Account Management Portal at My Profile, in the Assigned Resources section. All AppDynamics customers have access to a Standard University subscr...

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Navigating AppDynamics University - FAQs

What do I need to know about navigating AppDynamics University? This article answers frequently asked questions about the different training options available in University, how to find them, how to enroll in them, and how to get help if you have a p...

AppDynamics Learning Recognition Badges - FAQs

revised September 20, 2021 Stay tuned for regular badge update news on this postWant notifications? Click the post menu,  then choose Subscribe Hello AppDynamics Learners! Read these FAQs to learn about our new Learning Recognition Badge credential...

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AppDynamics University Subscription - FAQs

What do I need to know about AppDynamics University subscription options? This article answers frequently asked questions about subscription options for AppDynamics University, our learning platform. To see FAQs about how to manage your University su...

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Accessing AppDynamics University - FAQs

What do I need to know about accessing AppDynamics University? This article answers frequently asked questions about how to get started with AppDynamics University, including registration and sign in. For answers to FAQs about University subscriptio...

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