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How do I remove users from a University voucher?

To remove a user from a voucher:

  1. Have your Company Admin go to the Account Management Portal’s University Subscriptions page
  2. Under University Entitlements, locate the subscription voucher, then select the link that indicates the number of seats activated.
  3.  The list of users assigned to the voucher appears. Check the box for the user(s) you would like to remove, then click the Remove Users button.AllisonBakke_1-1655330136759.png
  4. When the confirmation dialog box appears, click the Remove Users button to confirm. The seat is made available for you to assign to another user.


After you remove a user from a voucher, the number of seats occupied will decrease. However, the number of seat assignments remaining will not change; this value represents the number of swaps you have remaining on the voucher.

Note that, if you have seats remaining on your voucher, as in the example above, it is not necessary to remove users before assigning additional ones.

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