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AppDynamics Team

How do I view my swap balance on a University subscription voucher?

  1. Have your Company Admin go to the Account Management Portal’s University Subscriptions page
  2. Under University Entitlements, locate the subscription voucher, then select the link that indicates the number of seats activated.
  3. Review the information in the upper-left corner of the Voucher page: (1) the number of seats currently occupied, out of the total number of seats on the voucher, and (2) the number of seat assignments remaining on the voucher, after all swaps.

As you add and remove users from the voucher, you will see these values change. Your swaps will reset on your subscription renewal date, which you can locate on the University Subscriptions page.

AppD customers can manage their University Subscription vouchers in the Account Management Portal. Premium subscription vouchers allow a total of two swaps per voucher seat (three assignments total), and Multi-user subscriptions allow one swap per voucher seat (two assignments total).

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