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Automatic enrollment


I have standard enrollment. As an admin, how do I enroll new users to specific courses?


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Jamie, 


Thanks for your question! As long as your organization's users are properly set up in, they can sign in with their AppDynamics account to access standard self-paced courses at AppDynamics University.


As a Company Admin, you are able to add new users. How do I manage users as an Admin?  is a helpful article that details the process. 


Hope that helps! 

Perhaps I should expand my need.


When one of my users is enrolled, a want a set of specific courses automatically registered for them. This way, when they enter the AppD-U for the first time, they material we expect them to complete waiting for them to begin.

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for clarifying the inquiry. The feature you described is not currently supported, though I have relayed this feedback to our product team. 

The workaround solution that I can recommend is that you can request a transcript report for your organization from our operations team at  The request can be ad-hoc, or you can provide a defined frequency (e.g. monthly, quarterly). 

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