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Resolved! Getter Chain, Cast from Bool to Int?

I have created an Information Point which basically works so now I also want to create a metric based on the return value.- Only thing is that the return value is a Boolean so how do I cast it to an Integer (with a Getter Chain I suppose)?

Resolved! Number of Calls as a metric value

Is there a way to setup "Calls" value below...as a metric value to present on a Dashboard.   https://docs.appdynamics.com/display/PRO42/Metrics+Reference#MetricsReference-Calls,NumberofCalls   Calls, Number of Calls  Where found: Tiers & Nodes > tier...

Resolved! Unable to start on-prem controller

Trying to start on-prem controller, getting this error: [root bin]# ./controller.sh start-appserver[INFO] Path to mysql is not defined in system environment (MYSQL_BIN). Using mysql from /data/appdynamics/controller/db/bin[INFO] Mysql configuration f...

Resolved! License count per application

With a SAAS controler, how can i get a clear report of how many licences are consumed by application ? I dont need the speed dials that tell me how many licenses are consumed total.   What i need is the license count per actual application that i hav...

Resolved! Wrong total application response time

Trust everyone is doing good,I noticed for a particular application being monitored the total response time being displayed on appdynamics is not the true value,it shows a lower response time that just isnt possible.Checking individual transaction re...


Resolved! Need information on how to dynamically send the performance of the API's to the Analytics custom event schema created.

Hi,We want to monitor the Health of the API's using the Analytics Custom event schema. To achieve this we have created the schema using postman and published the data to the event schema we have created. But, how we can replicate this for monitoring ...

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