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Community Kudos, Member Participation from July through September


Welcome to our celebration of Community participation. Here are the members who created awesome content, helped craft accepted solutions, shared insights, and just dove in head first! 

Did we miss something? Share what mattered to you in the comments (below). 

Ryan Paredez, Community Manager
Claudia Landivar, Community Manager & Editor
AppDynamics Community Team




Valuable insights

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You asked: They answered...with a solution that works

Accepted Solutions Views_2021 10.png

Solved!  How do I create an Analytics query that would show the top 5 BTs with Error counts?

Tom.Davison was looking for help with an Analytics query to show his top 5 Business Transactions with error counts. All-Star member Mario.Morelli helped him out with a query and context on how it might be expanded.


Solved!  Java agent on Tomcat receiving "Connection Refused"

Dale.Chapman was looking for input to diagnose an issue with the Java Agent and Tomcat. AppDynamics Community legend Mario.Morelli jumped in and gave different troubleshooting tips that ultimately helped Dale resolve the issue.

Solved! Problem using OAUTH API connecting to Elastic Logstash 'http_poller' plugin

Bill.Youngman and Hiroki.Ito had a good discussion about using OAuth API to connect to the Elastic Logstash plugin. They worked together to resolve the issue.

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We see you! Thanks for all you do...

As a peer-to-peer community, our worth is certainly reflected in the energy members bring to it. Thank you for taking the time to read, learn, engage in conversation, and contribute both your experiences and your solutions. It makes all the difference.

A special shout-out to these members, below. They offered their expertise, a helping hand, contributed to enriching community content by their actions in liking, voting, reading, commenting, and more:

Manish.Upadhye.pngManish .Upadhye Kudos-giver, Discussion Forums


Jaganathan.Ellappan- High number of posts, Discussion Forums

Hiroki Ito Profile Avatar.png

Hiroki.Ito- High Accepted Solutions, Discussion Forums


Bojan.Živančević - High comments, Knowledge Base


Sean.LawlessHigh Kudos received


Venkatraman.Chandirasekaran - High posts, Idea Exchange

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