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AppDynamics Team

Synthetic API Monitoring extends AppDynamics Synthetic Monitoring
empowering ITOps and DevOps to help minimize the impact of API performance and
availability issues on business outcomes and user experience. 


What can you do with Synthetic API Monitoring?

Synthetic API Monitoring enables users to proactively monitor and troubleshoot API availability and performance issues across the application stack — from microservices and serverless functions, to public and private APIs.

With Synthetic API Monitoring, DevOps engineers and developers can:

  • monitor a single API or chain of multiple API requests
  • implement authentication and encryption mechanisms
  • parse XML/JSON payloads

Out-of-the-box support for granular API-monitoring data — including status code, response time, TLS time, TCP time, DNS time and error messages — which help with in-depth troubleshooting.

Advanced alerting and troubleshooting capabilities help users triage and resolve critical API performance issues, which may help users in their efforts to attain faster MTTI and MTTR. 

See our Synthetic API Monitoring – FAQ in the Community Knowledge Base for additional detail. To learn how to create and configure API jobs, please refer to our documentation.