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Windows file monitoring extension


Windows file monitoring extension

Looking to use a script file to retrieve file size, and creation date (or Last modified)


Client has a requirement whereby a batch file is received that is sometimes empty, we need to check when file was received and baseline the file sizes.


Batch file I've got so long:

FOR %%? IN (speed.txt) DO (
    ECHO File Name Only       : %%~n?
    ECHO File Size            : %%~z?
    ECHO Last-Modified Date   : %%~t?


How would I add this to monitor.xml and ensure the metrics pull through?

Windows file monitoring extension

Re: Windows file monitoring extension

Hi Pauls,


The link below is your friend.


First, you need to update the script to echo/output the values in the metric format.

Like include the details of the tree where you would like the metric to be reported.



Standard Form

Hardware Resources| Instrument Name=Instrument Value

Fully Qualified Form

Hardware Resources| <metric name>,value=<long value>


Once that is done, you can the include the script details in monitor.xml as per the instructions on this page.

Refer Step 4:


Please post here if you have any further questions.