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Unable to install .NET agent on Azure cloud service instance


I am using .NET controller Recently we upgraded .Net framework version of our ASP.Net web application to .net 4.7.1 from 4.5.2. We noticed few crashes with AppD .Net agent being installed. So we are planning to upgrade  appdynamics.Net agent to

1) When tried to install through MSI , we are able to successfully install and monitor the application in controller.

2) When tried to install through startup.cmd by invoking startup.cmd on VM- agent gets installed , role instace reboots and installation succeeds.

3) When trying to install through startup task the deployment doesn't success the role recycles and in Azure portal I can see the error message - appdynamics/startup.cmd - startup task exit wih exit code 1.

Because role is not started I am not able to RDP and get look into the logs.

My startup task runs with elevated context.

1 & 2 were tried when startup task was disabled during deployment.

I have attached screenshot of error I receive on Azure when trying to deploy.

Do you have any sugegstions on how to troubleshoot?




Unable to install .NET agent on Azure cloud service instance
AppDynamics Team

Hi Supadhyaya, 


We have sent you direct message with further details on debugging the issue. Please refer it and we will update you as per the instructions in the message.




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