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Transactions not registering


Transactions not registering

I'm not able to detect load for my Windows Service. It is successfully connected as it is listed under Tiers & Nodes in the Controller UI, and memory / CPU usage information is logged. However, I don't see anything in the default flow map.


The steps I have taken so far are:

- confirmed that the service is listed under tasklist /m "mscor*"

- enabled find-entry-points in the corresponding node

- created a POCO rule using a few of the classes / methods identified in BusinessTransactionsLog, with the tier of the rule set to one including only my Windows Service Tier

- restarted the Coordinator and my Windows Service

- let it run for 3 minutes


Does the target class in a POCO rule perhaps have to include the full namespace along with the class name?


Is there any Log file that will tell us whether or not Custom Match Rules are being used? How should I go about diagnosing why the methods are not detected?

Transactions not registering
AppDynamics Team

Re: Transactions not registering



  Can you please attach the business transaction log file ( where we have result of find-entry-points logged) along with the screenshots of POCO rule you have created. Do let us know the name of the process


And yes you will need to give a fully qualified class name.




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