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Standalone application not registering into the correct Tier


Standalone application not registering into the correct Tier



I'm experiencing a very odd issue


I have a few services with the same executable but a dynamic folder name:




Application 1: myWindowsService.exe is located in c:\myWindowsService-1-2018.04.25\myWindowsService.exe

Application 2: myWindowsService.exe is located in c:\myWindowsService-2-2018.04.25\myWindowsService.exe

Application 3: myWindowsService.exe is located in c:\myWindowsService-3-2018.04.25\myWindowsService.exe


The application starts up with arguements: 

Application 1: myWindowsService.exe serviceName="myWindowsService-1-2018.04.25"

Application 2: myWindowsService.exe serviceName="myWindowsService-2-2018.04.25"

Application 3: myWindowsService.exe serviceName="myWindowsService-3-2018.04.25"


on the machine agent I've setup the config.xml as follows:



      <standalone-application executable="myWindowsService.exe" command-line="myWindowsService-1">
        <tier name="Service.WindowsService 1" />

      <standalone-application executable="myWindowsService.exe" command-line="myWindowsService-2">
        <tier name="Service.WindowsService 2" />
      <standalone-application executable="myWindowsService.exe" command-line="myWindowsService-3">
        <tier name="Service.WindowsService 3" />

However on the AppDynamics controller application dashboard and Tier and Nodes

It's lumping myWindowsService-2 into myWindowsService-1 while myWindowsService-1 and myWindowsService-3 are in it's own respective tiers.


So I thought maybe it was a registration issue and i decided to reconfigure the second windows service into another tier: "Blah"

After doing this I checked in the agentLog.txt and found this:


2018-04-25 15:40:28.2571 10348 AppDynamics.Coordinator 1 11 Info ConfigurationManager GetProfilerConfiguration [pid:10512 processName:myWindowSerivice appPoolId:] returns a matched standalone profiler config.


Now no matter what I attempt it keeps adding these two applications into the same tier while the third application registers fine.


My question is now how do I reset this application so that it will register into the correct tier I allocate? Is this a bug with the Agent? Is this a bug with the controller?



 Forgot to mention I'm using AppDynamics Version, build 114. The Agent is version 4.4.3

Standalone application not registering into the correct Tier
AppDynamics Team

Re: Standalone application not registering into the correct Tier

Hi Ronald,


Can you please try providing the full path of the executable in the standalone section like below example.


<standalone-application executable="c:\myWindowsService-1-2018.04.25\myWindowsService.exe" command-line="myWindowsService-1">
<tier name="Service.WindowsService 1" />




AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Re: Standalone application not registering into the correct Tier

Hi @Ronald.Weng


Were you able to reset your application by using the suggestion provided by @Venu Babu.Thangallapelli?


Let us know how it went and if you have further question.

Radhika P

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