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Reporting broken since upgrade to .net core 3.1

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Reporting broken since upgrade to .net core 3.1

Our organization has been using AppDynamics monitoring on several .Net Core 2.2 apps for a while, using the Windows agent Nuget package (no full server agent installed). Recently, we upgraded our apps to .Net Core 3.1 and now we see no metrics appearing in our AppDynamics dashboard.


The deployment process has not changed, other than we don't have the 3.1 SDK installed on the Windows servers, instead the applications have the runtime bundled with them (using dotnet publish -r win-x64). I have checked the logs in ProgramData\AppDynamics but can see no errors. It just shows no activity since we deployed the updated applications.


We were initially using version 4.5.x of the Nuget Windows agent, but I tried to resolve the issue by upgrading to a newer version (20.4.1). This does not seem to have made any difference. Can someone please suggest what might be causing this? Any steps we can take to debug the problem and find a resolution.




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Reporting broken since upgrade to .net core 3.1