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New to AppD...learning on the job. Do we need to create "Scope" first or "Tier"


This is not an installation question.


Do we need to create a scope or tier first. Right now autodection feature of AppD is putting all web related links into one Tier. I want to split them into meaningful BT's.


Looking for ideas.

thank you

New to AppD...learning on the job. Do we need to create "Scope" first or "Tier"
AppDynamics Team



Business Transactions are defined at the Tier level. I recommend making sure your agents are grouped into meaningful service layers first, that is, the ingress calls are the same for that service layer. These service layers are represented as Tiers in AppD. It is also best practice to include Tiers which communicate frequently with one another in the same Application with Business Transaction defined only on the ingress Tiers to that Application and Service Endpoints defined on the Tiers dowstream to the Business Transaction. Business Transaction customization, which may include scoping, is the step after modeling.


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Thank You. I haven't asked the question correctly.


I will try to frame it property in another post