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.Net core agent Linux is not connecting to the saas controller


I have downloaded and extracted binaries from zip folder and copied them to the /opt/appdynamics/dotnet. (,AppDynamics.Agent.netstandard.dll and AppDynamicsConfig.json)And edited AppDynamicsConfig.json with contoller and application details And also setted required environmental variables .Created a sample .net core razor application using .NET core 3.0 and running it using kestrel service configuration.

How can we know whether agent is connected to controller or not?
Observed that 11449_agent_0.log generated in /tmp/appd/dotnet and there is no errors in the log.
After starting agent sucessfully there are three warnings in agent log.

2019-12-10 17:06:14.330299| WARN|httpclient| Invalid header in Http response
2019-12-10 17:06:14.330434| WARN|agent| Agent config request error {http status 401}
2019-12-10 11:15:15.107991| WARN|agent| Connection back off limitation in effect for config request

but there is no metrics in the controller.


We use the following versions,

AppDynamics Agent
AppDynamics Controller build (appdynamics saas controller)
Linux centos7
.NET Core 3.0


Note: I did not change the project code as specified in the link Will it work out of the box..?




If it's complaining about HTTP then there there might be an issue with your AppDynamicsConfig.json. Can you vi back into it and make sure you set it to point to the Controller correctly?


This doc may help:


Pay special attention to the ports you're using also to make sure they're not blocked, and that you're using the correct ones whether you're using SSL or not. Another place to check would be the cert trust.

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