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.Net Core 2.1 App works fine in Dev & Self Host but not in IIS


Hi Team,


I just started with evaluation of AppDynamics and facing an issue with core 2.1 application. When in IIS, its not listed in controller but while running from console ( dotnet app.dll) as well as in dev mode in Visual Studio it works fine, controller listing them.


Following are the details of the issue.

1. Same core application with different nodes and tiers, rest all configurations are same in app.AppDynamicsConfig.json.

2. Works from console as well as Visual Studio

3. For all three cases the environment variables are set to look into the same location - IIS deployed location.

4. Tried an MVC application on Dotnet Framework from IIS  to verify my IIS and that get listed in controller.

5. Core web app in IIS has no errors, works fine in browser, Its a simple Hello World application, there is no complexity involved.

6.  app.AppDynamicsConfig.json has just the bare minimum configurations - 

controller and application  where tier and node are different for the above mentioned three instance.
7. All windows services specified in the setup docs are up and running - not sure they are relevant to core applications though.
System information : Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2017, IIS 10.
Please guide me on this.
.Net Core 2.1 App works fine in Dev & Self Host but not in IIS

An update, I tried impersonation , changed the identity of app pool to an admin user, as well as the AppDynamics.Agent.Coordinator service but din't help.