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NET (Agent, Installation)

BTs for Windows Service with manual thread pool


BTs for Windows Service with manual thread pool

I am attempting to create transaction rules that take a variety of request types through a common Windows Service-based C# .NET Framework manually created thread pool.  This pool could have say 10 threads.  My goal is to start a BT before pool on a request, then have it track through the thread pool that calls external http resources and gets results and then continue that transaction through some final actions to conclusion.  The goal is to have complete transactional timing.


My questions are as follows: 

1. Can the .NET Agent (version 4.5.*) follow a call through such an app pool and emerge on the other side for completion efforts.  If so what will some requirements be?

2. How would I need to create Custom Exit Points to assist with capture?

3. Is there any good reference on syntax that would be useful in going .NET Getter Chains.




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BTs for Windows Service with manual thread pool