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Azure Monitor .NET Extension


Azure Monitor .NET Extension

Hi All!


I  am trying to install the Azure Monitor .-net exension.


I installed  and confiured the prereqs and configured the XML file properly. (hopefully)

It seems it finds the resource but nothing appears on the controller.

2019/07/30 04:13:05.035 Debug ARMMetricExtension :{"token_type":"Bearer","expires_in":"3600","ext_expires_in":"3600","expires_on":"1564488785","not_before":"1564484885","resource":"","access_token":"XX"}
2019/07/30 04:13:07.082 Debug ARMMetricExtension :{"id":"/subscriptions/XXX/resourceGroups/Sanyi/providers/Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/Sanyiserver/metricdefinitions","value":[]} 

The doc says I should find it here but no metrics appears like this. (of course I replaced the Serviceplan123 with my name but still nothing shows up)

Application Infrastructure|Performance|MachineAgent|Custom Metrics|Performance Monitor|AzureMonitor-ServicePlan123. 



Does anyone made this work?




Azure Monitor .NET Extension