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AppD on Premise without .NET Agent, but only through Nuget Pkgs


Hi All,


We are just about to start with AppD trial to figure out if this works for us. We do not want to use the .NET agent installer. Instead we would like to use Nuget Pkgs in our .NET 4.5 and 4.6 based UI and API solutions. Can we do this? If so which Nuget Pkgs should we be installing?

AppDynamics.Agent.Azure.CloudServices - seems to be cloud based only or does it work for On Premise as well?



Let me rephase my question - Will AppD work without any .NET agent installed on a VM. The source will only refer a nuget pkg, if so then which nuget should I work. The application is a .NET 4.5 based MVC API application. Can you answer this question?

Hi Narasimha,


If application is a .NET 4.5 framework based MVC API running on the windows VM, then we do not have any NuGet package specific for the solution, To instrument this kind of application, you would need to use the .NET msi based agent installer.


If you have applications, those are based on .NET Core 2.0 or above and running on windows VM, then to instrument these applications you can use the .NET Core microservice agent for windows NuGet package. 


Let us know if it helps or you have any further questions.




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