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Re: App Dynamics downgrade from Pro Trial to Lite didn't complete - Licence denied


@Deena.Shanghavi I am still experiencing this issue.. is there some step I can perform or do you need to do an intervention from behind the scenes?


(I have already deleted all agents from the controller and set force-agent-registration to true on the single java agent I am trying to register)




saas account [message has been redacted to protect privacy

Re: App Dynamics downgrade from Pro Trial to Lite didn't complete - Licence denied
Community Manager



Thanks for reaching out about your trial to lite issue. There is a bug that has been identified, the team is scheduling controller upgrades to resolve the larger issue. 


We'll respond to this thread when we have an answer for the community. The team is working on it. 




if there's any way to schedule my controller cloud2018021113592016 asap that would be really really really helpful! We're still going through the process with your sales dept but we have an immediate need. 



AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @Josh.Wand


Thank you for your patience.

Please be advised that we have fixed the problem converting from Pro to Lite.


No action required from your side to enable using the Lite license. You can continue using Lite and you should now be able to connect to the self-service Controller.


Do not hesitate to update this thread if you need further assistance on this.

Radhika P

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