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License file is not specified. Please drop the license file in the controller installation directory.



I am trying to setup AppDynamics LITE Controller. Installation is complete. After hitting below URL I am getting the LOGIN page:


However, after enterpring the credentials I am getting the popup message:
License file is not specified. Please drop the license file in the controller installation directory.

I tried accessing "http://<Hostname>:8090/controller/admin.jsp" but there the page keeps on loading forever with the same message. Platform setup: platform-setup-x64-windows-

Please advise how to proceed with the LITE Setup


Thanks & Regards,

Varun Gulati



Hello Team,


Appreciate any assistance over here...



Thanks & Regards,

Varun Gulati

Hi Experts,


Any advice. 


Hi Appdynamics team,


Please help in this.

Can you please share the License file for Controller?




If you haven't started a free trial for the On-Prem product, start one. After the trial is complete, you can use the trial license and the product will run in LITE mode.


If you've already started a trial, just copy the license file to your controller home directory. Product will run in LITE mode after the expiration of the trial.


On-Prem customers must grab the license file we email them and put it on their local host, as explained here>> Applying or Updating a License File



Thanks for your response... So here's what happened. 

I installed the Enterprsie Console.... From the enterprise console UI, I installed the Controller. Now I am trying to use the below URL to LOGIN to Controller:


http://<machine FQDN>:8090/controller

But now I am getting the License Error:


License file is not specified. Please drop the license file in the controller installation directory.


How do i get a Controller License. Appreciate your support with this.


FYI: My Trial duration has already expired... Unfortunately, I was not able to setup anything within the trial duration.



Thansk & Regards,

Varun Gulati

I am having the same issue. Can someone help on how to get the licence file for on premise installation - using appdynamics for my local testing purpose...

The issue still continues... Appreciate any sort of assistance.


HI neomatrix3_y,


Let me know if you found any solution for this. I am still stuck here. Doens't seem to get around this by anyway.



Thanks & Regards,

 Varun Gulati


Hi Jeanne,


I would like to know if I really need a Business Mail ID in regards to any assistance on AppDynamics LITE. I just want a basic setup of LITE Version integrated with a personal Tomcat Instance.


And may be when I have enough information gathered and if its a good fit for my Enterprise, I can then only present it to the decision makers. All I want is to leverage the LITE Version from AppDynamics setup for specific Use Cases.



Thanks & Regards,

Varun G.

Hi all,


Is-t possible to have an answer on this thread ?

I have exactly the same question , I spent hours trying to find a way to setup a Lite setup on premise deployment. No way to do it, following the instructions like My setup is ok, but thhe controller refuse any incoming trafic because I don't have a licence.

Any answer will be fine if On premise Lite still exist. If this is not the case any more, an explicit explanation would be fine.