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Browser Snapshot, sessions and analytics not visible and no entry to support


Hello everyone.


We signed up for the Pro Trial (12 day(s) left), but it seems that the Browser snapshot is not visible as a tab in apps and analytics (sessions) says that No data found, and i'm only able to find it through the onboarding process. I also tried to go to the Support page, but it says i do not have access cause my account is limited. 


Is this something that is supposed to happen? Or have i encountered some sort of a bug ?


Using appdynamics hosted pro trial account.






AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Niko,


If you are not able to view data inside Browser Snapshots, sessions and analyze following would be my queries for you:


1) If the tabs are visible but data is not there only in above three data points, then there is some config issue around events service which can cause sessions and analyze not to work.

2) Other query would be if you have an active load and you see data under Browser Overview Dashboard and Pages and Ajax requests.

3) When you check the License Page from Controller UI, do you see Browser Pro with required units present?


We can dig deep further on this once you verify on above points.




Thank you for the reply.

As it seems, it is not included in the Pro trial.

Thank you for taking the time to answer me. I've received direct email
about it from support letting me know of this.

Best Regards,