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New Experience Journey Map visualization course (SFT201) in AppDynamics University!

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SFT201 - Use ExJM to Visualize Journeys and Identify Issues

Instructor-led Training

1 Topic

1 Lab

Course duration: 1 hour

Learn how to use Experience Journey Map to gain real-time insights into application performance and business impact. Explore core use cases and best practices for identifying and troubleshooting application issues.

This course is available for Premium University users. To view and register for this, check out AppDynamics University and search for the code SFT201.

What you’ll learn

You will learn about key use cases of using the Experience Journey Map including how it can provide information on:

  • Total user visits (all incoming traffic) to an end user event page/view/activity
  • Where users "journey" through your app
  • How each user journey performs over time
  • When users drop off your application

In addition, you can click an individual traffic segment in an Experience Journey Map to see:

  • Number of users who journeyed from one end user event to the next
  • Performance metrics for users within a journey
  • Option to analyze individual browser or mobile sessions within a journey

Who is this course for?

This course is for performance analysts and developers who troubleshoot end user monitoring issues with browser and mobile applications.



  • None


  • EUM201 - Browser Real User Monitoring
  • EUM202 - Mobile Real User Monitoring


Topic 1 - Visualize Journeys

Topic 2 - Identify Issues

Topic 3 - Prioritize Issues